You shouldn’t buy this!

In 2021, Gravity Wiz contracted me to fork this plugin. Since then, they’ve launched Gravity Perks Google Sheets, and you should buy that instead. It’s way better, and I helped build it. Check out the software I offer now or hire me to build the plugin you need at I am listed on the Gravity Wiz Recommended Developers page.

Corey Salzano

A Gravity Forms & Google Sheets Integration that Supports Edits

Version 1.2.1 launched earlier this week with a number of bug fixes, and all users can get this new version from the WordPress dashboard like any other plugin update. The most important change might be the handling of entries marked as spam. Spam entries will no longer be added to the Sheet. If edits are enabled, and a false-positive is marked as not spam, that entry will be added to the Sheet at the time the edit is made. Likewise for active entries that are manually marked spam; those rows will be deleted from the Sheet.

Full Support for Edits

There are plenty of ways to generate or build static CSV files based on entries to a Gravity Form. Support for edits is the feature that distinguishes exports from integrations, and just one of the features of this plugin.

Let’s Talk Field Maps Again

The phrase, “never map fields, not even once,” appears on more than one of this website’s pages. Field maps get in the way of every other feature. If the form is edited, Entries to Google Sheet will continue working. If a user adds a column to the Sheet, Entries to Google Sheet will continue working. Other integrations will break because their field maps need to be updated. Stop wasting time reconfiguring integrations that are supposed to make your life easier.