Known Limitations

Sheets & Drive API Rate Limits

This plugin’s primary feature connects form entries to rows in a Google Sheet. Our WordPress sites aren’t metered, but the Sheets and Drive APIs are. Read the current Google API Rate Limits where the max speed is one request per few seconds.

Worry about Google API Rate Limits if…

  1. Hundreds of users will flood your form at the same moment
  2. Code or another plugin creates, edits, or deletes tens or hundreds of entries during a single request

If thousands of users are going to rush your form the moment it opens, consider not pressing the Create Sheet button until after that initial flood of entries. All existing entries are copied to the Sheet when the Create Sheet button is pressed.

Compatibility with Custom Field Types

Testing the hundreds of Gravity Forms custom field types released by developers around the world is not easy. A good way to test for compatibility is to export entries using the built-in CSV export feature that ships with core Gravity Forms. If a field exports to CSV successfully, Entries to Google Sheet can likely copy it to a Google Sheet. Read about Compatibility with Custom Field Types.

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