Known Limitations

Sheets & Drive API Rate Limits

This plugin’s primary feature connects form entries to rows in a Google Sheet. Our WordPress sites aren’t metered, but the Sheets and Drive APIs are. Most operations like editing or deleting a form entry require two API requests to synchronize the Sheet.

Worry about Google API Rate Limits if…

  1. Hundreds of users will flood your form at the same moment
  2. Code or another plugin creates, edits, or deletes tens or hundreds of entries during a single request

If thousands of users are going to rush your form the moment it opens, consider not pressing the Create Sheet button until after that initial flood of entries. All existing entries are appended to the Sheet in a single API request after Create Sheet is pressed.

Avoid High Volume Entry Creation or Edits (without careful timing)

Code that edits 800 entries might run in one or two seconds. If Entries to Google Sheet is active and enabled for the form, it will send 1,600 requests to the Google API as fast as it can during that same operation. There are no delays built into this plugin. Read the current Google API Rate Limits where the max speed is one request per few seconds.

If mass edits are unavoidable, consider disabling the form’s Enabled switch and editing both entries and the Sheet without this plugin’s help. The plugin only handles real-time submissions, edits, and deletes. Entries to Google Sheet will work fine after re-enabling it. Press the Insert Test Row button if you need visual confirmation of this plugin’s connection to the Sheet.

Compatibility with Custom Field Types

It’s not easy to test with every Gravity Forms add-on that exists. Read about Compatibility with Custom Field Types.

Does Not Detect Site Migrations

If you duplicate a site, the feature will remain enabled. Attempts to write to the production Sheet may fail unless the duplicate site is on the same, authorized domain the plugin was running on when the Sheet was created.

One Sheet Per Form

There are two types of Gravity Forms add-ons. This one is not a feed type where multiple connections can be created per form. A rewrite is not out of the question, and please reach out if you need this feature.

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