You shouldn’t buy this!

In 2021, Gravity Wiz contracted me to fork this plugin. Since then, they’ve launched Gravity Perks Google Sheets, and you should buy that instead. It’s way better, and I helped build it. Check out the software I offer now or hire me to build the plugin you need at I am listed on the Gravity Wiz Recommended Developers page.

Corey Salzano

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Support when it’s needed most

If our installation and connection guide can’t get you up and running, any license includes 14 days of support so you can get the immediate help you need.

Have a question?

If you have a question that our feature list and FAQ did not cover, let’s hear it. Contact us β†’

What you get

What is included with the purchase of a license?

  1. Plugin download in a .zip file
  2. License key to activate & receive updates
  3. Invoice PDF
  4. Account to login to this website & access copies of the above items