You shouldn’t buy this!

In 2021, Gravity Wiz contracted me to fork this plugin. Since then, they’ve launched Gravity Perks Google Sheets, and you should buy that instead. It’s way better, and I helped build it. Check out the software I offer now or hire me to build the plugin you need at I am listed on the Gravity Wiz Recommended Developers page.

Corey Salzano

Use Gravity Forms Merge Tags in HTML Fields

I wrote and released a free and open-source WordPress plugin called Gravity Forms Merge Tags in HTML Fields. It’s an add-on for Gravity Forms that enables Merge Tags in HTML Fields.

  • Supports Field Merge Tag modifiers like :label
  • Adds no menus or pages to the Dashboard, functionality is completely controlled by activating and deactivating the plugin
  • Free & open-source

When building complex forms, it is nice to make the last page of the form show the user the most critical values they provided and ask them to confirm there are no mistakes. I have found that the easiest way to do this is to use an HTML Field full of labels and merge tags like Name: {Name:1} or custom merge tags I’ve coded as seen in this screenshot:

Please review your submission details below. This information will be used in all promotional materials, media and labeling, as applicable. 

Company name: {entry_company_name}
Product name: {entry_product_name}
Location: {entry_county}

View or download Gravity Forms Merge Tags in HTML Fields here: