You shouldn’t buy this!

In 2021, Gravity Wiz contracted me to fork this plugin. Since then, they’ve launched Gravity Perks Google Sheets, and you should buy that instead. It’s way better, and I helped build it. Check out the software I offer now or hire me to build the plugin you need at I am listed on the Gravity Wiz Recommended Developers page.

Corey Salzano

Introducing Entries to Google Sheet

Entries to Google Sheet has launched! πŸŽ‚

I built a WordPress plugin that saves a copy of all Gravity Forms entries in a Google Sheet as they are received. Entries to Google Sheet is the glue between a Gravity Form and a Google Sheet.

If you want to skip the backstory, read no further:

Not a Gravity Forms user? Please, tell me which form builder you want to connect to Google Sheets.

This plugin exists because I need it. A few years ago, I paid a service hundreds of dollars to connect Gravity Forms and a Google Sheet, and for me and one client, the integration was a disappointment. (This was 2019 & I’m sure that product has seen iterations since.) The connection broke if the Sheet or form were edited. Any change required I log back in and remap fields. Any failure that misses an edit is a problem. I had enough with field maps, and I began writing this plugin.

Simple Goals

  • β˜‘οΈ Never map fields, not even once
  • β˜‘οΈ Allow the Sheet to be touched, the client should be able to add a column and annotate

This was it–two killer features I decided I had to have. So, I built them. I’ll never forget the gasp from a client when I told her, “you can add your own columns to the Sheet now and it’ll just work.”


This is GPLv3 software & I’m selling it without a recurring fee.

Does a one-time fee mean the licenses are “lifetime?”

I am not using the word lifetime, because I don’t want to mislead anyone into thinking I am providing free updates forever regardless of how Google Sheets and Gravity Forms change.

I expect there will be updates, but there is no roadmap. This plugin does what it says on the tin. If Google relaunches Sheets and breaks Entries to Google Sheet, I make no guarantee that I’ll provide a new version of the plugin.

I don’t expect Google to abandon the v4 Sheets or Drive APIs anytime soon, and we all expect Gravity Forms to continue supporting add-on developers. Both of these services are dependencies, however. Building on top of both platforms has been exciting, and I plan to use Entries to Google Sheet for years.

Thanks Be

Thanks to Austin Ginder for motivating me to stay busy on this project while he built and released WP Freighter during this same foul year of a global pandemic.

Thank you, Matt Medeiros, for encouraging donations to Big Orange Heart & offering plugin reviews in exchange. I jumped in with a small mountain of work remaining, and it was the perfect motivation to attack the TODO list. I wouldn’t have seen the tweet if Liam Dempsey hadn’t shared it, so thanks, Liam.

I’m also thankful for CPOSC, or Central Pennsylvania Open Source Conference for holding a virtual 2020 event. I watched a session with Carl Spataro, VP of Legal at Elastic, and his presentation helped me understand how to license this project that depends on/ships with the Google PHP API Client library. (GPLv2 is not compatible with Apache License 2.0, but GPLv3 is!)

What’s Next?

  • The plugin is ready for Gravity Forms 2.5. I’ve tested and tweaked it with the 2.5 beta, and I love the new look coming soon to all Gravity Forms users. See screenshot.
  • Record, edit, & upload a video to help users connect their sites to Google
  • Continue talking about my new product and listen to anyone who engages. Let’s chat. I’m @salzano on twitter, or you can start an email conversation with this contact form.