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In 2021, Gravity Wiz contracted me to fork this plugin. Since then, they’ve launched Gravity Perks Google Sheets, and you should buy that instead. It’s way better, and I helped build it. Check out the software I offer now or hire me to build the plugin you need at I am listed on the Gravity Wiz Recommended Developers page.

Corey Salzano

Local JSON for Gravity Forms

Local JSON for Gravity Forms is a backup of a Gravity Form in a .json file that is updated every time a form is updated.

Screenshot of the Local JSON tab of a form’s settings page. A load button is visible and allows the user to update the form to match its companion .json file. The file path where the .json files are stored is also shown.

Why You Need It

The problem Local JSON solves: a Gravity Form on a production website needs edits to match the latest version in development.

An additional benefit: you can use Local JSON to put Gravity Forms in version control. The path where the .json files are saved defaults to the wp-content/uploads/gf-json folder, but the path is filterable. Change it and ship Gravity Forms with a theme or plugin.

Why the Import Forms feature in Gravity Forms core cannot help: Import Forms always inserts forms with a new ID. This detaches the form from old entries, and breaks every page where the form is embedded across the site.

How to Get It

Install and activate the free Power Boost for Gravity Forms plugin. (Developed on Github)

Also Provides a Replace Forms Tab

If a .json backup tool for Gravity Forms is not compelling, you might like the Replace Forms feature better. It works just like the Import Forms tab of the Import/Export page, but replaces existing forms only. Full feature list at